Glasdachmarkise Capri Typ Pergola Glasdachmarkise Capri Typ Pergola Glasdachmarkise Capri Detail Kassette Glasdachmarkise Capri Detail Seilführung Capri Typ Pergola - mögliche Säulenpositionen Capri Pergola type

Capri Pergola type

Patio awning with flexible guide positioning

Installed in front of a house or terrace wall, the Capri type pergola combines the lightness of a fabric sunshade with the appearance of a patio roof. The free-standing uprights render the pergola awning an extremely windproof sunshade design. A particular highlight is the option of mounting the guide tracks and uprights moved inwards to suit the conditions of the structure and site.


max. 600 cm - 1 unit (single panel)

Drop / Depth

max. 600 cm


max. 300 cm (post)


electric motor

Awning fabrics

Branded acrylic, Branded polyester (option)

Frame colours

17 RAL colours + 6 textured finishes (standard colours), Additional RAL, special colours and effect finishes (option)


Manufactured and assembled in Germany , Quality and technology CE-compliant