Micro 4000
Screen-Markise Micro 4000 Screen-Markise Micro 4000 Detail Kappe Screen-Markise Micro 4000 Detail unten Screen-Markise Micro 4000 Detail Zip-Führung

Micro 4000

Large square awning: vertical awning for large windows.

Sun and glare protection in XXL dimensions: the Micro 4000 Z was developed especially for large windows and transits on glass roofs and conservatories. It is equipped with a lateral zip guide and track, in which the fabric is concealed and guided like a zip. With screen fabric the view outwards is retained..

With a cassette height of just 15 cm, straight form and flat end caps, the Micro 4000 Z is also eminently suitable for niche installation.


max. 600 cm


max. 600 cm


electric motor

Awning fabrics

Screen glass fibre fabric (Sergé), Window awnings (option)

Frame colours

17 RAL colours + 6 textured finishes (standard colours), Natural silver (E6/EV 1 anodized, small components RAL 9006), Additional RAL, special colours and effect finishes (option)

Object type

window awning, screen awning


Manufactured and assembled in Germany , Quality and technology CE-compliant