Glasdachmarkise Ancona Typ Unterglas Glasdachmarkise Ancona Typ Unterglas Glasdachmarkise Ancona Typ Aufglas Glasdachmarkise Ancona Glasdachmarkise Ancona Technik Vario-Volant


Glass roof awning: optionally with Vario Valance – for maximum comfort.

Whether fitted below or above the glass, the Ancona glass roof awning is the perfect solution for anyone who wishes to enjoy the conservatory or glass roof all year round and wants a practical, easy-care sunshade. The Interior type ensures that the awning remains dry, clean and safely protected from wind and weather damage. For roof mounting the Ancona awning is equipped with a protective roof cover.

Available in different product variants:



max. 600 cm - 1 unit (single panel)

Drop / Depth

max. 450 cm


electric motor

Awning fabrics

Branded acrylic, Branded polyester (option)

Frame colours

29 Lewens standard frame colours, Additional RAL, special colours and effect finishes (option)


Manufactured and assembled in Germany , Quality and technology CE-compliant